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about us

æther + vertu is a small workshop that produces quality leather goods proudly hand made in Canada. We are inspired by the concepts of simplicity, minimalism, subtlety, and rugged natural beauty. These aesthetics are reflected throughout the entire æther + vertu brand, right down to the simple, unobtrusive circular logo; reminiscent of a Zen ensō. We create items that beg to be held, felt, turned over endlessly, and deeply inhaled with unabashed satisfaction - items that will only become better with age, well-worn and telling your unique story. We fiercely support shopping small and the maker movement.

The vast majority of our hides come from the Horween, Wickett & Craig, and S.B. Foot tanneries in the USA. We occasionally source small amounts of material from other reputable tanneries in the USA and Italy.

about the maker

Jake Malone - aether + vertu

æther + vertu is Jake Malone; a Toronto, Canada born and raised craftsman with a love of things that are made simply and made well - with the idea of generations in mind. He grew up in a 200 year old bed and ate dinner at a two-plank Mennonite farm table with his parents and two sisters, tracing well-worn and familiar grain in the beautifully patinaed pine boards. Jake went to school thinking he would end up in IT or as an engineer, but while in university he discovered that he needed to work with his hands, and with subject matter that sparked a deeper connection in him. He switched majors to archaeology, and spent the last decade happily digging up old stuff in Greece. During the excavation off seasons, Jake has honed his skills as a photographer and custom automotive and motorcycle upholsterer. 

As a classically trained archaeologist, Jake has a passion for history and cultures. This is evident in the appreciation of Buddhist philosophies, and both classic Americana and Japanese aesthetics that he makes an effort to convey through his work. You may have also noted the pantheon of heroes and gods from Classical Greek myth that are used for product names.